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Water is Life

Bright’s Gove, ON

Archival Ink on Hemp, 11x14

Thank you, Water,

for teaching me to be fluid…

that states of calm or thundering

and all in-between

hold their purpose.

Thank you, Water,

for the life you nourish

whether garden carrot,

pond turtle, deep-rooted tree,


We are of you.

Thank you, Water,

for allowing the intimate sailing

across your skin-

absorbing the release from there

and buoying the arrival to here.

Thank you, Water,

for reminding about the equalities

of colour and shape.

whether reflecting steely grey of rainstorm

or teal of blue sky,

in the form of icicle,

rain drop

or condensed breath upon window,

You are still Water.

Thank you, Water,

for cleansing

the dust,

the sweat of heavy life lifting

and breaking my surface tension

in a tub of bubbles

at close

of day.



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